Designing is a consistent and long process and our qualified group of designers shall be happy to take care of these concerns. They are ready to offer you advice in determining the primary needs and formulating tasks, as well as in filling the AB ESO applications. They will be glad to help in searching for the most optimal technical and financial solution. Our team will prepare the technical project and harmonize it with respective institutions according to the regulations of legal acts and will calculate the project designed object cost. They will also detail the solutions during the working project design and will provide technical supervision and consultation services during project execution.

We are competent in the following areas

Electric power suply and distribution
systems up to 10kV of voltage

Distributors and electrical substation
equipment up to 10 kV of voltage

Electrical equipment relay protection
and automation up to 10 kV of voltage

Alternating current equipment up to
1000V voltage in areas exposed to
explosion and fire risks

Outdoor and indoor power and
lighting networks

Lightning protection and voltage
surge protection

Security alarm with access control
and video surveillance, fire alarm,
communication networks, process
management and automation

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